1000 Lumens

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1000 Lumens
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1000 Lumens Reviews
Received the goods, the size is just right, you can carry it with you, and the power is enough, a great shopping.
The light is very bright, the quality is very good, it has been used several times, the battery is also very durable, charging can be used for a long time, good.
I like this flashlight, it looks very resistant, the price is exactly the price I need... Hell, this is a sweet deal.
Actually,I use this LED flashlight not very often,but when I do I really love it.It has lots of features,without being complicated to use,which is a necessary tool for emergency situations.I couldn't be happier with my purchase.
Got my order the other day.Well-packaged,bright enough for my job needs.
Sturdy,well-designed,works great as advertised.You never thought such a cheap flashlight to be so bright and durable.
One of my favorite flashlights that I have owned.I feel greatly satisfied with its design and size.Super bright!It helps a lot in my night patrol every day.
I got my flashlight yesterday.Wrapped much better than last time,thank you.Still bright enough as my first one.
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