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When I was doing activities, I bought enough power, the battery was very durable, and the green light was very good.
1500mw laser pointer!!!I think it was really powerful laser,like it very much.
AMAZING Laser pen!Green is probably the strongest and brightest color.The laser pen emits very bright and focused light beam,even in broad daylight.
My order arrived in a delicate box.The green beam light is very bright.It's very satisfying to get such a nice product.
So powerful laser point pen!It's of high quality and the appearance is very fashionable.You guys,don't hesitate to get one.
I waited almost a month for this.There were backorder delays and delivery issued but well worth it. I was very surprised how bright and powerful it was.\r\n
So good.I like this pointers.
In the dark,you can see the beam trailing away, which is really cool.
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