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200-560nm Laser Eyes Protective Goggle Glasses Red with Glasses Cloth

200-560nm Laser Eyes Protective Goggle Glasses Red with Glasses Cloth
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Product Description
Laser Eyes Protective Goggle Glasses are designed to protect your eyes from laser light used in medical, military, research, education and many industrial applications. They can be similar to goggles or be lenses incorporated into other pieces of protective eyewear. Laser protection goggles work on the basis that laser light is one frequency, making it easy to filter out. Also there are many different types of lasers that operate at a variety of wavelengths and power. The unprotected human eye is extremely sensitive to laser radiation and can be permanently damaged from direct or reflected beams.

Technical specifications

Protective CharacteristicsThe absorption, all-round, without direction request
Laser density0D4+
Protection Waveband200-560nm
Protective Wavelength Range 200-560nm

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By Gayle Stiffler 09/28/2018

Bought the goggle glasses specifically for my 2W laser Pointer.It arrived soon,well packed.Nothing to nitpick about it.

By Oxy Latoz 03/08/2018

Beautiful red goggles!Wrapped in good protection,no scratches on it.Feel very happy.

By Pete Oven 12/23/2017

My Goggle Glasses was stolen, so I need to buy this one ,I think it is not good for my eyes,and I like red!so cool

By Shyam D. Karki 11/26/2017

I bought this goggle glasses to match with my 5000mw green laser.Nice and sturdy!

By Richard Brown 11/16/2017

I just received it,and I\'m satisfied with the product.

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