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Laser 303 200mW 532nm Focus Kaleidoscopic Flashlight Green Laser Pointer (with one 18650 battery)
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Product Description
This 200mW 532nm Focus Kaleidoscopic Flashlight Green Laser Pointer is exquisite, portable and has extensive applications, it emits green light with a wave length of 532nm. The laser pointer can be transformed into a "disco laser pointer" with its star cap. The portable button is designed as the switch, easy to operate and control. What's more, black body makes the laser light in the night vivid and unique. Also, it features shock resistance due to its metal body. You will feel like in a disco party with your very own kaleidoscopic laser pointer pen! This green laser pointer optimizes your life undoubtedly! Get one now!

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Battery Charger

  • Made of high quality material, so it is enough durable for long time using
  • The green laser can be seen as far as the eye can see
  • Power saving, compact and reliable
  • Simply press the button to activate the green laser pointer and release it to deactivate
  • Lightweight and handy design, it is very convenient to put in bags or pockets
  • Perfect for teachers, professors, doctors, managers, engineers and so on

Technical specifications

Key featuresGreen Laser Beam
Laser ColorGreen
Laser Wavelength532nm
Laser Output Power200mW
Light TypeKaleidoscopic
Power Supply1 x 18650 2200mAh 3.7V battery
Operating Voltage3V-4.2V
Working Temperature0°C-40°C
Storage Temperature0°C-40°C
Body MaterialAluminum
Dimension15.6 (L) x 2.3(D)cm / 6.14(L) x 0.91(D)inch
Body ColorBlack

red laser point

Its length and width

red laser point

It is the hole where the lasers come out

red laser point

Insert the batteries from here

red laser point

It is a special place--the lock

red laser point

It is a laser pointer and other parts

red laser point

red laser point

Bright green laser

red laser point

You can use the laser pointer pen for camping, architecture, SOS and astronomy

The "picture show" is only for your reference, please make the object as the standard.

Package list

  • 1 x 200mW 532nm 303 Focus Kaleidoscopic Flashlight Green Laser Pointer
  • 1 x 18650 2200mAh 3.7V battery


  • Don't allow the laser beam to enter the eye. The laser beam is harmful to eyes, any contact will cause permanent damage. Not the laser point to the crowd, especially in the face
  • Don't look directly with your eyes or using binoculars and other equipment to observe the laser beam on the remote control. Never let the laser point to a mirror or other highly reflective surfaces
  • Please keep the laser pointer away from children (especially the high powered ones) in order to avoid the damage by the children's contacting
  • Don't light laser pointer continually in 30 seconds, it will affect its lifetime for prolonged use
  • Please remove the battery from the laser pointer when not in use
  • Need to disassemble, adjust or repair, please get professional maintenance technicians
  • The use of laser pointers (especially the higher powered ones) may be illegal in some countries
  • Therefore, customers can buy and use it by following the local laws and regulations. In the event of resale, you also need to incorporate this notation in the product description, so that any potential buyer can be well informed before making purchasing decision
27 Reviews
By John Hales:

Unbelievable price and very bright! Good construction, I purchased this laser for a night sky pointer. What I found is that it will show a bright full power beam for about 1/2 second then it dims down to a little brighter than my 5mw. This is ONLY when pointing up into the night sky. If you want a constant beam, this one will not do it, buy a more powerful one. You can push the button 1-2 times a second to have the full power beam for sky pointing. I also tried to light a match, no result. I placed a grocery store receipt, (thermo paper) and no heat or paper blackening was observed no matter the distance to the end of the laser. Still, for the price,you can\'t beat this one.

By Elena Spontoni:

Thank you, shipping was fast, the laser is fantastic, really precise, the light beam is very powerful! What to add, just perfect !!! I will buy again!

By Abner monjaras:

After receiving the package,I can't wait to turn it on.What surprise me is the beautiful kaleidoscopic light.So excellent!I'll recommend it to my friends and colleagues.

By craig wikoff:

Great green laser pointer. I just can't believe I could get something like this for that price.?

By Richard Strauss:

Unbelievable laser considering the price. I have had 532 nanometer lasers put out then 5 milliwatts that cost 3 - 10 times the price and can not compare in power. The key switch is an excellent addition which makes the laser much safer and prevents it from accidentally turning on in your pocket or while in storage. The laser has a good feel and seems to be well made. The battery that it uses, A 18650 is fairly common and easy to obtain. The charger that I bought with this laser is compact and simple to use. The brightness and power this laser is unbelievable. The lens that comes with it makes for a fantastic effect. I would most certainly consider buying other lasers from this company. Needless to say I am ordinarily happy with this purchase. Definitely recommended.

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