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Not as good as expected. Sturdy design but the power makes it invisible with any light in the room. Completely unsuitable for outside use. I tried it in a dark kitchen with only moonlight, I could not see the dot matrix and could only just see the single point laser with a full battery. As others have said, this is not visible with any other light source.
Great laser pointer. Has kaleidoscope piece and it does focus as well without the kaleidoscope. Recommended for indoor or outdoor short distances (<1 mile)as the beam is not quite that focused on a point. Very bright. There are reflections off of the inside of the output hole that create light patterns on other side of the beam. You can only see it in the dark dark though. If you focus the beam it does burn. And unless it\'s very dark or you\'re looking down the beam, the beam is not that visable. Casing is sturdy metal and battery fits nice and snug. Not the most perfect laser but still enjoy it.
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