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Not bad, arrived on time, hope quality will be great as advertised.
Not as described. It is ment to be 400mw. It barely matches 30mw. Not that bright.\r\nThe focus ring came loose after a month of owning, so it is now very inaccurate. It cannot burn, but has a nice beam to it at night. I am not very happu with it though.
First of all on the chart on this web site it said 400mw lasers could light maches and a lot of other stuff. I shined this at a match for over 30 sec and it just smoked a little. Also when I turned it on I could tell it wasn\'t 400mw because other web sites said you need safety googles for lasers with that kind of power but when I looked at the beam my eyes didn\'t feel bad at all. I would say this laser is like a 200mw but its still good for the money.
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