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Hello every reader, I just received my laser pointer. I am happy with it and the brightness is good! I received my laser on the 21th as it shipped out.
This 5 in 1 Kaleidoscopic green laser pointer is better than I expected.With its exquisite and smart appearance,you can take it wherever you go.What surprises me is that so many stars filling in my room when using it.I'll purchase another one for my brother as a present.
Cheaply made tips.The laser case was made well but the insides are loose. I don't have a way to measure it's output but mine can pop balloons, cut electrical tape, light matches, and burn your skin. Now all of this is possible with coloring your target black with a sharpie. The black absorbs all the light from the laser. The case was cheap and shipping took forever but if you want a cheap 100mw laser this is the one to go with. I am pretty satisfied with mine.
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