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The power is very good, the color is very positive, the light is very bright, very satisfied.
This 450nm laser pointer is just what I need.But it doesn't come with batteries,so I have to buy some locally.I hope it would be durable.
The customer service recommended this paragraph, it is really practical, very beautiful light.
I received my 6000mw today. I had spared batteries ready, opened and put everything together and went to work on my fish tank, killing aiptasia. It worked very well, but the batteries were draining quite fast to a point the light beam seemed strong but no cooking of the aiptasias.so Im charging the new batteries when they are ready I will try again. so far I like the device. It is well built and 3 times bigger than the picture you see at the website.
This laser is awesome it is everything it was labeled and it was everything that the video showed very powerful I love it
Came without batteries,making me unhappy.I had to buy some in our local store.Except that,I would give this product five stars.I am shocked at the light intensity.Much brighter than expected.
Not but one word, AWSOM. This pointer is more powerful than I could\'ve imagine.it goes and goes and goes. The 10000 is next.can\'t wait. Most definitely a GREAT price.I have priced other companies and you CAN\'T beat the price.
The competitive power of the laser pen. I like it.
Such a good laser pointer, it is really great, I would like to introduce to my friends
Wow,this one can light cigarettes
It's very light.And I can use it to light a cigarette.Very good laser.
This thing is a monster. Most powerful laser I have ever seen. It will start fires. Basically a light saber.
It's truly 6000mw laser,the power is so amazing, also the service team is kind too. I will introduce your website to my friends.
This laser pen transformation was so beautiful
It's of good quality and the price is very reasonable.In a word,I'm very satisfied with the laser.
It arrived on time,I am so excited .
I will buy again,the quality is good.
Someone should post a video to show how it works.....6000mw model
The appearance of the product is so fashionable that I'm crazy about it increasingly.The beam is beautiful and amazing,especially in the night sky.In addition,the website provides good cutomer service for customers.Awesome absolutely!
I received one of these and it was not working properly. After some back and forth with the company, they shipped me a new one. The new one arrived and is working very nicely.\r\n\r\nFolks, I have used lasers before and I must warn you about this device.\r\nTHIS IS NOT A TOY!\r\n\r\nIt is EXTREMELY bright. I can not stress enough the importance of wearing your glasses that came with it, or some other sort of eye shielding. Even shining it at a lighter colored wall, the reflected light is bright enough to cause eye discomfort and possibly do long term damage. Think of watching the arc of a welder. No it won\'t blind you immediately, but a few hours later you will notice you have retinal burn issues.\r\n\r\nThis laser also has enough power to start burning things within a few seconds of beam contact. Be VERY careful. \r\n\r\nGreat Product.
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