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I love this thing, seems to be as powerful as it says. My only issue was getting the wrong case stuffing, it was clearly meant for a different product. Also, the advertised price when I ordered was $1,000 at 90% off then 2 days later it's $140 and 29% off. Still, great product, just the button feels a little loose.
I bought this laser as a birthday gift for my father. He can use this to light a cigarette. He really likes it.
The golden look is really good! It looks like a very heavy product that you can buy again.
The power is very good, the color is very positive, the light is very bright, very satisfied.
This 450nm laser pointer is just what I need.But it doesn't come with batteries,so I have to buy some locally.I hope it would be durable.
The customer service recommended this paragraph, it is really practical, very beautiful light.
I received my 6000mw today. I had spared batteries ready, opened and put everything together and went to work on my fish tank, killing aiptasia. It worked very well, but the batteries were draining quite fast to a point the light beam seemed strong but no cooking of the Im charging the new batteries when they are ready I will try again. so far I like the device. It is well built and 3 times bigger than the picture you see at the website.
The site was easy to use and checkout was great. Very fast shipping. Item arrived exactly as described. Excellent seller would definitly recomend.
Encountered a little problem after received, I told to the customer service, and them reship new laser to me, really good service
This laser is awesome it is everything it was labeled and it was everything that the video showed very powerful I love it
I like to use this to play with my cats!
Came without batteries,making me unhappy.I had to buy some in our local store.Except that,I would give this product five stars.I am shocked at the light intensity.Much brighter than expected.
This is a amazing laser TOOL. For me is not just a pointer, is a TOOL. Is super powerful, very long beam, you can burn \"anything\", a matchstick, paper etc etc\r\nIt came with protective glass, 5 funny lens, and the main optical system it could be regulated for precision. Is and super amazing tool.\r\nPD: In the pictures is with 2 batteries, the mine came with only a big one rechargeable 18650 battery and its charger (100-220 volts) with american plug.
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