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The Gatlin type of laser pointer is really like it, it looks very powerful, and it is also worth buying.
After spending a week, I feel that my product is still very good and I will buy it again.
Too bright laser pointer,and the shipping is soon,will buy it again.
Wow,nice laser sword,the blue light is hight light,and the beam is clearly.
Last month,I bought this laser pointer recommended by my friend,and it is very powerful indeed.It works great the same as what is shown on video.Unique style and beautiful light modes make me very satisfied.Absolutely got what I paid for!
When I received the goods for the first time, the logistics broke the laser pointer lens, contacted the customer service, and immediately re-issued me a good service after verification.
This laser pointer that I received can quickly light a match and burn through a black plastic bag.I am very satisfied with the performance of this product.
I buy this 2000mw blue laser that lights a match the instant it touches the beam. This will make it smoke a little after extended contact. Not having a good laser power meter and simply judging by brightness compared with other lasers I have, I'd estimate the power around 1800mw.
It was altogether extraordinary and unaccountabl,the laser is very good,I like it.
Quick shipment and delivery,faster than I was expecting.Bright enough to meet my needs,I feel extremely satisfied with my first purchase.
Beautiful appearance,solid construction.Super bright and tight light beam.It can quickly light a match.I will use it to burn plastic bag to see how powerful it is.
Received the parcel, the appearance of the laser pointer looks very texture, have not started to use, so I use a period of time to evaluate
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