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I bought it at the time of the event, it's already so cheap, I can still use the coupon, the key quality is still so good, it's too good.
The silvery appearance looks like a pen, it is very convenient to carry, and the power is very good. I like this very much.
This tiny mini laser pen was bought to entertain my puppy.He likes running after the green light. And this laser pen comes with a key chain,so I can hang it anywhere I want,which is very convenient.
I didn't expect to buy such a good product so cheaply, and there are five functions that I like very much.
This laser pen is very durable, I have been using it for 2 months, it is used almost every day, and it still works very well. I recommended it to all the people I think I need a laser pointer.
I bought these 15 year old sons and he really likes them. Oh, our cat likes to catch it up when my son plays with her cat.
Bought it and received in decent time. Laser looks very awesome. It is very bright. Very Good Seller, Exellent Communication. I would buy again from this seller.
The competitive power of the laser pen. I like it
Good quality product, Compact and Powerful. My only complaint is not being able to see the beam in even just slightly lit areas (i was told 30mw lasers beams were visible in fully lit up rooms) but this is a mistake on my part for not doing my research.
Great laser. The most powerful in such a small size, and inexpensive. However, i would gladly pay double if only it would last longer. I have gone through 5 or 6 of these (my dog loves it!), and they always stop working after a couple of months (no, it\\\'s not the battery).
This laser pointer is very delicate and small,you can put it in your pocket.The laser beam is compact,bright enough.You can use it to do whatever you want to do.I feel happy with it,no issues at present.
To go camping, so we bought 5 laser pens of this type, tested a bit bright, and hope to come in handy.
Bought it for my dad for his weekly hunting,portable,convenient to carry it.
I bought the mini laser for my cats.I thought the price was too high at first,but it is worthwhile.I will come and buy another two next month.
Mini laser pen,very convenient to carry,just put it in pocket.I was not expecting it to be so bright,it excited me,lol.
Muy potente, muy brillante, no encendería un fósforo ni haría estallar un globo en un desafío.
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