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I bought this type of laser pointer for the first time.Its light mode is different from that of the laser pointers that I bought,and it comes with a key,which makes it safer to use.
When I received the goods,the laser pen was placed in a small box,which was well protected.I like such pen-like laser pointer very much.
The material, button, interface, and light of the laser glove are very good. It is worth the price. Thanks to the seller for providing such a good and inexpensive product, I will buy it again.
I bought three laser pens last month,but one of them didn't work when it arrived.The seller has high service efficiency,they sent me a new one immediately.Many thanks!

400MW Beam Green Laser Pointer (1 x 4000mAh) Black

Date Added: 10/20/2018

by: Ted Evers

I received my laser pointer two weeks ago.I've used it three times.Feel happy with its bright light.I'm considering buying another one.

400mW 532nm Green Beam Light Laser Pointer Pen Black 853

Date Added: 10/14/2018

by: John Bradbury

Great product works great it can go 1-2 mile into the sky
My first laser pointer arrived a few days ago.I used it in a completely dark room.To my great surprise,the light from this product produced a dreamlike effect.Super awesome!
The white appearance is really too much like it.And the laser pointer is as bright as described

Laser 301 400MW 532nm Green Light High Power Laser Pointer Kit Black

Date Added: 07/25/2018

by: Jose Ignacio Herrero Gonz

This is my third time to buy, and their service attitude and after-sale really do well
I really like to buy 301 303 type products. I have bought this type of store, I think it's pretty good, the power difference is quite big, or I like this one.
301 laser pointer is classic,it can burning and with keys,good design,and will buy other one burning laser from this shop.
Wow,I think this is cool product. Very bright!And the special is use USB to charge,very good.
Just want to say,it was bright and beautiful,also gave me a battery and charger,very thanks.

400mW 532nm Green Beam Light Laser Pointer Pen Black 853

Date Added: 07/04/2017

by: Liron Margani

The laser pen emits visible and bright beam light to the night sky.Lol,good product,I'll buy more in the near future.
Powered by USB,very convenient!
Not bad, arrived on time, hope quality will be great as advertised.
good laser pointer it doesn\'t seem to burn just yet I\'m charging it now though thanks laserpointerpro I\'m happy with it
It is good, but it does not come with batteries but I ordered some from ebay. you can see the point very easy in light and feels like a heavy peace of equipment

400mW 532nm Green Beam Light Laser Pointer Pen Golden 853

Date Added: 09/26/2015

by: caroline baker

Not as described. It is ment to be 400mw. It barely matches 30mw. Not that bright.\r\nThe focus ring came loose after a month of owning, so it is now very inaccurate. It cannot burn, but has a nice beam to it at night. I am not very happu with it though.

400mW 532nm Green Beam Light Laser Pointer Pen Golden 853

Date Added: 07/30/2015

by: Larisa Pankevich

First of all on the chart on this web site it said 400mw lasers could light maches and a lot of other stuff. I shined this at a match for over 30 sec and it just smoked a little. Also when I turned it on I could tell it wasn\'t 400mw because other web sites said you need safety googles for lasers with that kind of power but when I looked at the beam my eyes didn\'t feel bad at all. I would say this laser is like a 200mw but its still good for the money.