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This laser is very strong for a red laser pointer, Not for burning things, but if you want distance, it does go as far as you can see, I can recommend it, is good quality. not for pointing at stars( the beam is not bright pointed at the stars) maybe just to put different heads on it for the patterns, and to shine along way away.
The box is very cool. I feel like a spy when carrying the box.That is like a dream come true. I am James Bond.
My son is a teacher. I bought this laser so that he can points at presentation screen more easily. Good laser with high quality. I will buy more of this.
The power is very good, the green light is very bright, I want it, the packaging is also very good, no damage.
I don't know whether this laser pointer has a real power of 5W or not,what's important is that it can emit powerful and beautiful green light,and it can really light a match quickly.How wonderful it is!
The golden look is really good! It looks like a very heavy product that you can buy again.
Lovely one,the laser beam is clearly,and the laser's light is bright,love it very much.
As described in the video, the ignition effect is very good, I like it very much.
This is a great burning laser pen, I like its focusing function, which is exactly what I need in my work. I've only used it once so far, but it seems like a very good laser pointer.
The first time I bought a Gatlin-type laser pointer, the appearance was too attractive to me. Actually, it was as bright as the photo, and the blue color was very beautiful.
My son is a Star Wars fan. I bought this laser sword and gave him a birthday present. He is very happy. The light of all modes of this product is super cool. A+++
Just received the parcel and we haven't arrive on time, open it use, hope the quality can be as great as the AD says.
My friend gave me a laser pointer as a gift,and I used it to point at the stars at night.The beautiful red light beam can be seen clearly in the night sky.It's worthwhile for the price.
I need a laser pointer and my classmate recommended me to this website to buy. The site was easy to use and checkout was great.
Bought this one,4 days later had it in my hands (in Switzerland) Wow !!!What a great product,together with really professional service , I surely recommend.Thanks im really happy with my laser :)
The single-point beam light is exactly what I need.Super bright,it has long range.
I really like the laser pen I bought, and I also have a key, a good seller, and a five-star rating.
After being a little skeptical of ordering from this company, I decided I would try it and I ordered this laser. The shipping did not get updated correctly, which worried me a little. However, this laser arrived with the shipping time, and was great. It was exactly what I ordered and what I wanted.
Received this order within 2 weeks. Great laser pointer. Preferential price. I am very satisfied.
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