Handheld Blue Laser Pointers

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Blue-violet Laser Pointers Reviews
Handheld Blue Laser Pointers
4.9 5 133
This laser is of high quality. The light is bright. I bought one to point at trees so others can see clearly which part needs to be trimed.
The product arrived fast. However, the included batteries wouldn't charge, so I ended up purchasing an external charger. Then I found out the original batteries were bad and the unit would only run while plugged in. Bought a set of batteries and after working with it, I can get it to work. Now I find out this unit is not zoomable, which is what I ordered. Haven't found out yet if the included charger charges the batteries. Time will tell... I had such high hopes for this model.
It took less than 10 days to receive the goods, the speed is really fast, the packaging is very good, very bright, a great shopping.
Nice laser system but I think I got a knockoff of the uking laser.
Received goods, power is OK, the key color is very beautiful.
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