100mW Laser Pointer

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100mW Laser Pointer
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100mW Lasers Reviews
The red laser pen is very beautiful.I bought it mainly used for a weekly presentation class,and is perfect for screens.Besides,it can be charged via USB,which is very convenient.
Power is very good, very bright, very durable, you can buy.
The purple light is very beautiful, the light is very good, the price is very reasonable, buy directly.
This is my second laser pointer.I bought a 500mw laser from this website three years ago and it still works well.I believe in the products of this seller,whose quality are very reliable.
This is my second laser off of this website.?The first laser I got was a 50mw green pen.?Although, I needed more than just 50mw, so I looked into price ranges of higher powered lasers.?This laser is just what I wanted and is a great upgrade.?It feels like a solidly built machine.?Other than the long time it took for it to arrive, around 20 days, this laser is a great deal and a lot of fun.?5 out of 5 stars definitely.
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