120mW Laser Pointer

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120mW Laser Pointer
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120mW Lasers Reviews
I have a similar laser pointer,but it emits a single-point light.This is the first time that I bought a laser pen with Kaleidoscopic light style.The light that it emits is very beautiful,which surprises me a lot.
I love this pen-like laser pointer.It is compact in shape.I can use it anytime.
I bought five laser pens at one time,but one of them didn't work when it arrived.I contacted the seller and they didn't hesitate to re-send me a new one.I am satisfied with their efficiency in dealing with this issue.
I am surprised at how beautiful the kaleidoscopic light is!I've been using it for two months,no complaints at all.
I purchased this laser as an upgrade over my old 5mw unit.I use it for pointing out stars, planets and constellations.The beam can be easily seen in early evening. At half thePrice of my old one it is a great value.
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