Laserpointer Rot

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Laserpointer Rot
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This laser is very strong for a red laser pointer, Not for burning things, but if you want distance, it does go as far as you can see, I can recommend it, is good quality. not for pointing at stars( the beam is not bright pointed at the stars) maybe just to put different heads on it for the patterns, and to shine along way away.
Very powerful. It comes with a starry pattern tip.When I would like to see beautiful stars I use the tip.
QL638 50000mW 638nm Tauchen roter Laserpointer mit hoher Leistung

QL638 50000mW 638nm Tauchen roter Laserpointer mit hoher Leistung

Datum hinzugefügt: 08/19/2019

nach: D***o

It is just what I need! A diving laser! I like to point at things underwater using this laser.
I love this thing, seems to be as powerful as it says. My only issue was getting the wrong case stuffing, it was clearly meant for a different product. Also, the advertised price when I ordered was $1,000 at 90% off then 2 days later it's $140 and 29% off. Still, great product, just the button feels a little loose.
My son is a teacher. I bought this laser so that he can points at presentation screen more easily. Good laser with high quality. I will buy more of this.
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