Laserpointer 250mW

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Laserpointer 250mW
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Very affordable, most like the 532nm laser pointer, has been bought in this store, not disappointed.
The laser pointer looks like a flashlight.I didn't expect the quality of such a cheap laser pointer to be so reliable.I will give you more feedback later.
250mW 532nm Grün Strahl Licht Laserpointer Schwarz 502B

250mW 532nm Grün Strahl Licht Laserpointer Schwarz 502B

Datum hinzugefügt: 11/20/2018

nach: P***o

This is the third laser pen I bought. This type is also good-looking. The new models launched by them are good to buy.
Fast delivery!Unfortunately,the lens of one laser pointer cracked when package arrived.I contacted the seller for a refund on the defective laser and they immediately resolved the issue.Thanks for your good service.
I didn't expect a laser pointer at this price to be good.But this laser pen that I received is better than I thought.I use it to point to the screen when I'm introducing our company's products to customers.It is bright and stable enough.It turned out to be of reliable quality.
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