Laserpointer 5000mW

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Laserpointer 5000mW
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5000mW 520nm Brennender grüner Laserpointer für GT-890

5000mW 520nm Brennender grüner Laserpointer für GT-890

Datum hinzugefügt: 06/30/2019

nach: Jules

The box is very cool. I feel like a spy when carrying the box.That is like a dream come true. I am James Bond.
My son is a teacher. I bought this laser so that he can points at presentation screen more easily. Good laser with high quality. I will buy more of this.
The power is very good, the green light is very bright, I want it, the packaging is also very good, no damage.
I don't know whether this laser pointer has a real power of 5W or not,what's important is that it can emit powerful and beautiful green light,and it can really light a match quickly.How wonderful it is!
The golden look is really good! It looks like a very heavy product that you can buy again.
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