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50mW 532nm Grün Strahl Licht Laserpointer Schwarz

Datum hinzugefügt: 06/30/2019

nach: J***y

It looks very power, and the power is very good, my friends also like it, a great shopping.
The silver appearance is very beautiful. It is also equipped with a bracket for experimentation. It is worth recommending, and the power is also very good. It can be used for several days.
No directions no pamphlet just item. I guess i'm on my own on how to replace battery
The silvery appearance looks like a pen, it is very convenient to carry, and the power is very good. I like this very much.
Nice one laser pointer,my son love it very,and want other one laser for him.
I bought a laser pointer last month and it arrived in perfect condition.I've used it many times.The green light is very bright.Super satisfied!
It looks very textured and has a lot of power. I like it very much.
Probably not a 300mw, but it it really much brighter than my 50mw! Good deal for price, also the finish is very great!
eceived the goods, it's great, a whole set, you can consider buying more sets to give.

230mW 532nm grünes Lichtstrahl-Licht-Laserpointer-Silber

Datum hinzugefügt: 12/20/2018

nach: D***d

I bought two laser pens here last month.They arrived soon and were well packed.Both of them are very bright,which makes me very satisfied.
Item was delivered quickly,and it arrived in perfect condition.I used it yesterday.A happy online shopping experience!
I have a similar laser pointer,but it emits a single-point light.This is the first time that I bought a laser pen with Kaleidoscopic light style.The light that it emits is very beautiful,which surprises me a lot.
I bought a similar laser pen from other sellers before, but unfortunately it can't work after one month. After listening to my friend's recommendation, I came to laserpointerpro to buy this laser pen. Although I have just started using it for a few days, I feel that the quality is very good and it can be used for a long time.
I am a more rigorous person, before the purchase here, I compared the products and prices of several websites, evaluation and so on, and eventually bought this product here.
I just received the product I ordered today, try to open it, the light is very clear, even if it is the day is very satisfied with this product.

250mW 532nm Grün Strahl Licht Laserpointer Schwarz 502B

Datum hinzugefügt: 11/20/2018

nach: P***o

This is the third laser pen I bought. This type is also good-looking. The new models launched by them are good to buy.
I didn't expect such a cheap laser pointer would be so good.The brightness and the super beautiful starlight pattern exceeded my expectations.I'm so glad to get such a satisfying product online.
I bought three laser pens last month,but one of them didn't work when it arrived.The seller has high service efficiency,they sent me a new one immediately.Many thanks!
Power is very good, very bright, very durable, you can buy.
I love this pen-like laser pointer.It is compact in shape.I can use it anytime.
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