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E6 T6 1200 Lumens 10W 3.7-4.2V 1Led 5Modes Focus Flashlight Black

E6 T6 1200 Lumens 10W 3.7-4.2V 1Led 5Modes Focus Flashlight Black
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Product Description
The beam of light is bright and wide. And this bright beam can be seen miles away in the dark, that you can use it to guide your ways. Widely using, it is a really wonderful tool for household using! This flashlight is featuring a high-quality material that is sturdy and durable enough for long time daily use.

1. This torch uses of a10W bulb, producing very bright beam of light
2. This flashlight uses a smooth reflector.The smooth reflector provides a more concentrated beam, and therefore a better throw
3. The body of this flashlight is built of high quality aluminum alloy, and it has a very solid construction
4. Internal wiring applies the high efficient booster circuit, and can utilize the batteries in the largest extent
5. Excellent waterproof, suitable for outdoor environment, adverse weather conditions except for diving
6. Focus function that allow the beam can be focused

1. Dimensions:(5.71 x 1.50 x 1.10)" / (14.5 x 3.8x 2.8)cm / (L x Head Dia. x Body Dia.)
2. Weight:168 g /5.93 oz
3. Emitter Type: CREE-T6
4. Lumens: 1200 Lumens
5. Power: 10W
6. Bulb Quantity: 1
7. Light Color: White
8. Lightbulb Lifespan: 100000 hours
9. Modes: 5
10. Mode Arrangement: Hi > Mid >Lo > Strobe >SOS
11. Lighting Distance: 200m
12. Battery Configuration: 1 x 18650 batteries/3 x AAA Batteries(not included)
13. Input Voltage: 3.7-4.2V
14. Runtime: 2-3 hours
15. Switch Type: Clicky/Clickie
16. Switch Location: Tail-cap
17. Lens: Convex Lens
18. Reflector: Aluminum Smooth/SMO Reflector
19. Material: Aerospace aluminum alloy
20. Color: Black
21. Waterproof: Yes
22. Lanyard: Yes
23. Focusing: Yes

Package Includes:
1 x CREE-T6 1200 Lumens 10W 3.7-4.2V 1Led 5Modes Focus Flashlight

Extra Info:
1. Please do not put it directly to people's eyes for the powerful light is harmful to eyes, especially for kids
2. Remove battery if it is not been used for a long period
3. To prevent recharging problems, please do not use both old and new batteries or ones with different types
4. Don't throw the batteries into fire in case of leak or rupture
Mode Selections:
1. If you would like to turn on/off the flashlight, you should press the button into 100% end. And there is a click to be heard.
2. If you would like to change the modes, you just need to gently press the button into about 50% end several times. And there is not a click to be heard.


By Ezra Ddssk 07/23/2018

This one laser is high power laser pointer, service attitude is very good also.

By Ghaleb Dohni 12/14/2017

This laser flashlight is really cool, much better than I bought before, very bright, do not consume electricity, and I spent a long time still continue to use,I will tell my neigbor to buy it again.

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