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50000mw 520nm Gatling Burning kits de puntero láser verde de alta potencia

50000mw 520nm Gatling Burning kits de puntero láser verde de alta potencia

Date Added: 06/02/19

con: Samuel Ketchum

Comentario: I live in Alabama. I purchased this laser on 22 January 2019 and received it on February 5th. I did pay for the expedited shipping which said 5 to 10 days and it turned out to be around 15 days. On the ABC news tonight they detailed about a fire San Francisco that was underground if I’m not mistaken. Yesterday evening President Trump held his State of the Union address for where it’s Nancy Pelosi gave him a real sarcastic clap when he was at the podium. Stated the preceding just to prove I am a real person. The product came in the case with the two batteries inside the unit laser unit which I had to unwrap the batteries from the plastic and then placed in the charger to be charged. When I first put the batteries in I couldn’t get anything to work and then I realized I had the batteries in backwards. It does have a continuous beam of green light all the way up to the sky. I could not see where the light ended up in the sky it just kept going and going. I don’t know if this is the one that will light a match but I know how to light a match anyway. I did get five in lenses do you have different effects basically something you see on these laser Christmas light displays. The total cost including shipping was $203.95. I also pointed the laser at my backyard shed and there was a continuous beam of greenlight to the structure of the shed and then it just lit the side of the shed without catching anything on fire. For what I wanted this laser to do I am completely satisfied. Be sure you have the batteries in correct. This is not the high powered laser that comes with the key I did not want those they seem to be a little too strong and there are Local laws within the US that the High powered laser our banned....