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The Gatlin type of laser pointer is really like it, it looks very powerful, and it is also worth buying.
When I received the goods for the first time, the logistics broke the laser pointer lens, contacted the customer service, and immediately re-issued me a good service after verification.
Excellent laser product. The style of the body with the flutes fits nice in the hand with a nice weight. Blue beam looks incredible in the night sky. Very powerful focusing beam burns most of what it touches. It does hurt if you hit your skin with it. Zapped 2 flys that got in with it real quick. ONLY issue is the battery life. Stock battery\'s get eaten up quick if you play with it a lot. Still kicks ass!
I think I will call my friend to buy one
I want to use this laser to burn the smoke.It let me feel so cool.
I would like to purchase this laser again
Haha,I received my package faster than the time I expected.The exquisite and stylish appearance makes me so excited.In a word,this high-power laser pointer can be widely used in many fields,it is bound to meet your all kinds of needs.You guys,come and get one!
Like what was said about how good this green laser is, I am in full agreement.
This laser is cool.
All work well and get the job done. A+++
This pointer pen is powerful and quality is outstanding product, above all its one perfect online shopping experience.
Highly recommended for anybody!
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