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Beautiful appearance,solid construction.Super bright and tight light beam.It can quickly light a match.I will use it to burn plastic bag to see how powerful it is.
My laser arrived quickly.It works pretty well for the price.Be careful when you use it as it is bright enough.In a word,I feel very pleased with this product.
thing is pretty sweet. took about 2 weeks to get here but it was worth the wait. its exactly as advertised above. i couldn\'t get it to light a match but it will burn holes in paper. ill definitely get a $100 of fun out of this thing
Really love it.Good things that I'm crazy about it increasingly.The beam is beautiful and amazing,especially in the night sky.In addition,the service is good.
My laser is now lighter and has a longer run time.Better than another laser I purchase from other shop.
Really good, take self-defense in the body, the power is so strong, is really worth having been laser pen.
Have not seen such a powerful laser pointer, it is really great, did not think the quality will be so good.
I bought this laser for my friend as a birthday present.He likes it very much.The laser beam is bright.Highly recommend you guys to buy it.
its really a good laser and very easy for using.
very powerfull and bright. thanks!
I purchased this for my brother who says he loves it.
A great buy, highly recommended! A+++
I totally love it and would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a laser
Fast Delivery and quality packaging.
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