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It's worth buying. As described, the ignition effect is great and I like it very much.
Excellent laser and very powerfull beyond my expectations. Value and quality is a-1.
I hope that the arrival time is accurate ( saying minimum days are 10 before arriving) and my package doesn\'t arrive sooner. Not sure anyone will be here until the ten day period. It states \"10-20 days...).
This is an AWESOME Laser indeed. Very Well Constructed and Heavy Duty. The Aluminum Case it comes in is sweet along with the Safety Glasses,the 5 Pattern Adapters, and last but not least the Battery Charger. A TRULY EXCELLENT Deal. Plus it looks Badass as Hell. I love this laser, it\'s my New Favorite. Just DO NOT USE IT FOR A TOY WITH ANIMALS PLAY BECAUSE IT WILL BLIND THEM. I REPEAT , DO NOT USE IT TO PLAY WITH THE DOG OR CAT !!!
When I got my laser,it's not so strong.I bought new 16340 batteries and then put them in,Oh,the laser works well again.So bright a light beam!
The burning bule beam laser pointer is powerful enough to light matches,burst balloons and burn through paper.I'll recommend it to my colleagues.
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