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Nice for the price. Can see the beam at night very well. Great for pointing out stars. Better quality construction than some of the other ones I\'ve had in the past.
received in good condition. can travel further than i have expected.
After purchasing this laser, I am quite happy with it's performance. The battery that comes with the laser will need a charge quite quickly so I recommend buying a charger when you buy this laser. One final thing must be mentioned. If you buy this you need to know the power rating of 500mW is the total output of the laser. BE WARNED, this laser puts out an insane amount of IR from my testing so think about spending $3 on getting an IR filter off of ebay. After finding this out, I will not be playing with it inside and I will be using it OUTSIDE ONLY. I recommend this for OUTSIDE USE ONLY or EXTREME CAUTION INSIDE when using. Thanks!
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