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The power is very good, the quality is very good, the battery is also very durable, in short, it is really cool.

Etapa de láser USB Etapa de mano de tres colores

Fecha Agregada: 02/15/2019

con: Dan Mesch

I bought several stage lights. This is just my favorite, easy to carry, and it is also a very good product.

UKing ZQ-J33 5mw 532nm y 450nm luz doble 5 en 1 puntero láser USB

Fecha Agregada: 01/12/2019

con: Manuel R. Zitle

I received my two-color laser pointer yesterday.I tried it in the dark room last night.The beautiful light beam makes me excited.How awesome it is!

UKing ZQ-J35 5mw 532nm 5 en 1 puntero láser USB

Fecha Agregada: 01/09/2019

con: Kevin Pfannkuch

Over the past two years,I have bought five low-power laser pens of this type.I like the design very much and it is very convenient to charge them with USB.
When I received the goods,the laser pen was placed in a small box,which was well protected.I like such pen-like laser pointer very much.
I just bought this laser pointer out of curiosity.What a beautiful blue-violet light! It can creates a romantic feeling in the dark room.And this laser pen is waterproof,which makes me very content.
I'm really fascinated by the variable light patterns of this laser pointer.The light is very bright.It's worth it for the price.
Its biggest highlight is that it doesn't require a battery and can be recharged via USB, which is a good design.
The first time I bought a Gatlin-type laser pointer, the appearance was too attractive to me. Actually, it was as bright as the photo, and the blue color was very beautiful.
This laser pointer has a beautiful appearance,which is really what I like.When pointing it towards the night sky,I can see clearly the bright light beam it emits.I'm ready to share this product on social media.
My first laser pointer arrived a few days ago.I used it in a completely dark room.To my great surprise,the light from this product produced a dreamlike effect.Super awesome!
Great laser!! It all says it will! Make sure you pay attention to its duty cycle... the power supply drops sharply over the duty cycle. No problem with the laser, just take a break! I love this thing!

UKing ZQ-J36 5-en-1 300mw 650nm rojo USB Pointer Kits de puntero

Fecha Agregada: 09/10/2018

con: Matthew McKay

Compared to the battery type laser pointer, I prefer usb, which is very convenient.

UKing ZQ-J37-T1 3000mw 450nm 5 en 1 dos modelos USB Blue Laser Pointer

Fecha Agregada: 09/10/2018

con: Pamela Gari-Wheater

Great for the price,awesome effects!This laser pointer is well-made, light weight and easy to manipulate.I would buy again and recommend this seller.
This product is expensive,but it's worth the money.It's probably the most powerful laser pointer I've ever bought.The light patterns are super bright and variable.Also,I love the high-end aluminum alloy box.All in all,it's an excellent product! I couldn't be more happier.
Your service has been very good and I will certainly use you again in the future when I need new one!
Fantastic laser at a great price. The beam is clearly visible, even during daytime in some conditions. The laser was shipped punctually with great customer service.
This is my third purchase from this website,but the first time that I've bought such a powerful strong device.It's obvious that the laser pointer is of great quality.The beautiful variable beam light makes me excited,it can also go very far.Thumb up for this awesome product as well as your efficient delivery.

Etapa de láser USB Etapa de mano de tres colores

Fecha Agregada: 08/11/2018

con: Marc Mesiti

Great product for the price. Nice patterns and good sound sensitivity
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