30000mW Punteros Láser
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30000mW Punteros Láser Comentarios

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It's worth buying. As described, the ignition effect is great and I like it very much.
My friend has tested the actual power of this laser pointer,which is not 30W,but this does not affect my love for this product.The blue light is SUPER bright and beautiful,which exceeds my expectations.
Wow,what an amazing laser pointer it is!This is the first time in my life that I have bought a high-power laser pointer.Really got what I paid for.Its high-end appearance,great quality and performance are beyond my expectations.
This one is very good, not only has a single point of function, but also various effects, very beautiful at night.
I think I will come back again, a really great product that is worth buying.
The power is very good, the green light is very clear, and it is really bright, I like it too much.
Its biggest highlight is that it doesn't require a battery and can be recharged via USB, which is a good design.
Excellent laser and very powerfull beyond my expectations. Value and quality is a-1.
And in terms of shape and quality, the texture of the hand and its 5-in-one light experience are also great.
Got the whole laser pen set yesterday.When I opened the package,I fell in love with this beautiful laser pen at first sight.I've tried it.It's worth every penny.If you want to buy a high power laser pointer that has powerful burning function,I recommend this product.
I love the laser pointer,and the laser looks powerful,and make me feel exciting.

30000mw 650nm Burning High Power Red puntero láser kits

Fecha Agregada: 10/10/2018

con: Disciple f***

The appearance of the product looks very strong and makes people feel very expensive. For the first time, I feel that the red laser pointer has such a strong side and is very satisfied.
I received the goods yesterday.This laser pointer is a bit heavy,well made.At first I didn't know how to operate it,due to its detailed instructions,I finally figured out how it works.Lol,no problem so far.
Great laser pen for a low price.?Bright enough even in broad daylight.?Overall, a great buy, highly recommended!

30000mw 650nm Burning High Power Red puntero láser kits

Fecha Agregada: 09/06/2018

con: Levi C***

This silver-colored laser pointer in the silver case is still the strongest in the laser pens I bought, especially it is still red.
Received in about 1 week, the laser pointer is very good, the quality is very good, and the power is also very strong.
My laser pointer arrived yesterday and was packed tightly.In terms of appearance,it's kind of unique,different from those general laser pointers I bought.I used it last night,super bright,which exceeds my expectations.You can see the light clearly into the night sky.
If you are into astronomy and need to point at the stars for people, this device is wonderful. It is nothing short of amazing. Two words of warning though: first, this is not a toy. Do not point it at things you are not suppose too. Second, please handle it with respect. Personally, I store mine with the batteries removed and inside a locked container.
Awesome laser pointer! Very strong for 30000mW. Very impressed, will definitely buy again.
At first I was skeptical about so-called 30W output power.After I received this laser and tried,it turned out to be that my decision is right.I never thought it to be so powerful.Glad that I purchased it.
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