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Puntero láser clase IV
4.9 5 434
There is no such thing as a 30000mw laser maybe he meant 3000mw? This is a TEST to see if I can leave a 3 star review
I initially purchased this laser and not knowing much about characteristics of powerful lasers. In the beginning I made mistakes in my judgement of this device. Having done much more homework and getting suggestions from LPP, I have the opinion this this is an awesome laser. This class of lasers deserves respect as it is not a toy! Any class of 5 to 50 Watt lasers most will burn instantly!!! As long as it is respected and handled responsibly this device is completely amazing! I just wish I had access to a power meter to check its output! It is plenty bright and when focused it burns fiercely. I am very happy with my purchase. I hope it lasts a long time!
Finally received the goods, the seller shipped very timely, the power of the laser pen did not let me down, very cool.
2000mw Burning 450nm Skidproof Blue Laser Beam Puntero Láser Plata

2000mw Burning 450nm Skidproof Blue Laser Beam Puntero Láser Plata

Fecha Agregada: 02/27/2019

con: Stephen Hysick

The Gatlin type of laser pointer is really like it, it looks very powerful, and it is also worth buying.
The power is very good, the green light is very bright, I want it, the packaging is also very good, no damage.
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