532nm Punteros Láser

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532nm Punteros Lásers Comentarios
532nm Punteros Láser
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50mW 532nm Green Beam Light puntero láser negro

50mW 532nm Green Beam Light puntero láser negro

Fecha Agregada: 06/30/2019

con: Janney

It looks very power, and the power is very good, my friends also like it, a great shopping.
The silver appearance is very beautiful. It is also equipped with a bracket for experimentation. It is worth recommending, and the power is also very good. It can be used for several days.
The green light is very bright, the power really exceeds 300mw, and the small one is very convenient to carry.
Really did not disappoint, much better than the quality I bought before, the key is really bright, I believe there is really 50,000 mW, I like it too much.
Bought 5 mW green laser pointers for my colleagues. The brightness is quite good and it is very durable. The key is cheap.
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