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Láseres Para Mascotas
5.0 5 107
I bought it uses for class, the red light is very soft and bright. It can be used for class, and I will buy it again.
Bought 5 mW green laser pointers for my colleagues. The brightness is quite good and it is very durable. The key is cheap.
Puntero láser verde de 1 mW a 532 nm

Puntero láser verde de 1 mW a 532 nm

Fecha Agregada: 02/12/2019

con: Judith M***

It's so funny to tease my pet, I like it very much.
Received goods, power is OK, the key color is very beautiful.
As a teacher, this pen is really durable, and it can also turn pages up and down, really leaving the computer. love it.
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