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The light is very bright, the power of the laser pointer is also very good, really a good product,

5mW de alta precisión LT-223BEM Visible Red Laser Sight Golden

Fecha Agregada: 01/07/2019

con: Steven Jones

I'm glad I bought this laser sight.Although the output power is low,only 5mw,it has a very bright red light and a long range.

Visor de láser verde de alta precisión 50 mW 520 nm Negro

Fecha Agregada: 01/04/2019

con: Hajrie Laci

What a special laser sight!I pointed it at the night sky the other day,the green light was so clearly visible,making us very satisfied.
My first order payment failed. After contacting the seller, I got a timely reply and smoothly completed the purchase. Very enjoyable shopping experience.

UKing ZQ-MZ07 Ampliación ajustable 3-7X32 Rifle Scope negro

Fecha Agregada: 12/13/2018

con: Sarah Yturbide

My father usually goes hunting in the mountains.I bought him this rifle scope as a gift,he told me that this is a useful tool.

Linterna LED de alta precisión 50mW haz Luz láser verde vista

Fecha Agregada: 12/10/2018

con: ralph goldsby

When I place my order, I soon received the goods, very surprised, the laser pen looks good, will come again to buy.

Teclado de batería con engranaje Vista gráfica Vista láser negro

Fecha Agregada: 12/08/2018

con: Blaine Merriett

I chose this product as a Christmas present for my friend, originally worried about the slow logistics, so I set aside a longer time, the results of such a quick delivery, very unexpected.
Wow wow wow,really too powerful,and the laser light is brightly.

U`King ZQ-88301 650nm 50mW Luz roja Laser Sight Kit Negro

Fecha Agregada: 11/05/2018

con: Jo Baird

I think this price can get this one quanlity laser mount,it was amazing.

U`King ZQ-8812 650nm 50mW Luz roja Laser Sight Kit Negro

Fecha Agregada: 10/20/2018

con: Elliot Felman

Bought the laser sight of this style for the first time.It's easy to install and operate! I've used this little tool three times so far.Overall,very satisfied!
As a calibrator, this laser gun sight is really great, with clear light, accurate positioning, and low price.
I bought this rifle scope with laser sight for my father.He likes to hunt,three times a week.He said it worked great in hunting.I'm glad that I purchased it for him.
Great laser. Well worth the money. Thanks for providing quality lasers at affordable prices

5mW de alta precisión LT-223BEM Visible Red Laser Sight Golden

Fecha Agregada: 08/11/2018

con: Charles Dart

The light is very bright and does a good job of pointing out stars. Great laser pointer. I'm so happy with it.
I had issues with my first one.To my satisfaction,the seller got it solved for me immediately,shipping a new product for me.Thanks for your considerate service.
This unit arrived on time,nicely packaged.I've already put it to use.I'm impressed with function of this product.It's bright enough and works as described.Plus,I feel pleased with the fast delivery.A good company to deal with.I will order again when I need another.
Nice light, good array of features,In my opinion this is perfect for the price all lights and pointer work fine
Have tested this green laser,I can not say how satisfied with it for this price.I also purchased another laser with same output power from other stores,I will compare them and then give you a further feedback later.
Received this so-called burning laser today.You must have put in wrong product information.The laser pen burns nothing,but it is bright enough to use for other purposes.
Ordered this kind of laser,neither it came with batteries shown on the website nor did it have instruction manual.Disappointed.But I know how to use it finally.
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