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Ordered two, recieved only one .. But it's very bright
No directions no pamphlet just item. I guess i'm on my own on how to replace battery

20mW 532nm medio abierto lápiz puntero láser verde con batería

Fecha Agregada: 02/28/2019

con: billie williams

The laser pointer is the same as described. I bought it for my friend. He is a teacher and he likes it very much.
I bought it at the time of the event, it's already so cheap, I can still use the coupon, the key quality is still so good, it's too good.
Thank you, the seller for urgently helping the delivery, thank you very much. The quality of the laser pointer is very good and the power is very good.
Nice one laser pointer,my son love it very,and want other one laser for him.

Puntero láser verde de 1 mW a 532 nm

Fecha Agregada: 02/12/2019

con: Judith Martin

It's so funny to tease my pet, I like it very much.
Received goods, power is OK, the key color is very beautiful.
I didn't expect to buy such a good product so cheaply, and there are five functions that I like very much.
This 10mw laser pen was bought to amuse my lovely cat.Green light is very bright,the cat likes to play with it very much,hope it would be durable.

CNI GLP-589 5mw 589nm puntero láser amarillo

Fecha Agregada: 01/04/2019

con: Ronald Zwar

I'd been looking for a laser pointer that emits yellow light.I finally got one on this website.The quality is really good.Absolutely got what I paid for.

50mW Profesional Gypsophila Light Pattern Green Laser Pointer Verde

Fecha Agregada: 01/02/2019

con: John Dallas-Goncalves

A very beautiful and powerful laser, great value for price!

Pluma del puntero láser verde de alta potencia de 1mW 532nm

Fecha Agregada: 01/02/2019

con: Marvin Brittingham

I bought 100. The seller is divided into 2 wholesale, and soon received the goods, very good service.
When I received the goods,the laser pen was placed in a small box,which was well protected.I like such pen-like laser pointer very much.
Probably not a 300mw, but it it really much brighter than my 50mw! Good deal for price, also the finish is very great!

CNI GLP-589 5mw 589nm puntero láser amarillo

Fecha Agregada: 12/21/2018

con: Theresa Kelley

The laser pointer arrived soon, the packaging was good, and the product worked very well. Nothing can be picky.

10Pcs 20mW 650nm Mid-open Red Laser Pointer Pen con 2 pilas AAA

Fecha Agregada: 12/20/2018

con: Satvik Gupta

It's very easy to use, and it's really cheaper to buy in bulk. The power is also very good.

230mW 532nm Green Beam Light puntero láser pluma de plata

Fecha Agregada: 12/20/2018

con: Denise Maggard

I bought two laser pens here last month.They arrived soon and were well packed.Both of them are very bright,which makes me very satisfied.
I have a similar laser pointer,but it emits a single-point light.This is the first time that I bought a laser pen with Kaleidoscopic light style.The light that it emits is very beautiful,which surprises me a lot.
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