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This is my third time to buy a laser pointer. This time I bought the blue one. It is exactly the same as the picture. The power is very good. It is very textured.
Received package sooner than expected. Came well packaged and contained in a nice aluminum case. Inside were the laset, laser glasses, six batteries, battery charger, and five assorted effects array heads. I was very pleased with the brightness of the laser. Use laser safety glasses when using in close proximity. Do not allow the beam to reflect from objects such as glass or mirrors into your eyes as this is a very bright laser and may cause damage to the eyes. I sprinkled baby powder into the air and the laser beams shimmered brightly. When I shined the beam at the moon and stars, a solid beam illuminated the night sky and can easily be used as a pointer tool to direct attention to a specific star. I ignited matches & burned holes in paper with this laser. The unit does become quite warm after much use, and should be allowed to cool down awhile. The hollow aluminum tubes built into the laser tool helps to disipate heat. I would definitely recommend this laser.
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