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Awesome lazer like a light sabre on steroids Very bright attracts attention at night Wear eye protection Took a bit longer than they said to get here but was worth the wait Enjoy
This is the first laser I've had that back up its claims.
This is the first laser I've had that back up its claims.
It's worth buying. As described, the ignition effect is great and I like it very much.
Excellent laser and very powerfull beyond my expectations. Value and quality is a-1.
I hope that the arrival time is accurate ( saying minimum days are 10 before arriving) and my package doesn\'t arrive sooner. Not sure anyone will be here until the ten day period. It states \"10-20 days...).
This is an AWESOME Laser indeed. Very Well Constructed and Heavy Duty. The Aluminum Case it comes in is sweet along with the Safety Glasses,the 5 Pattern Adapters, and last but not least the Battery Charger. A TRULY EXCELLENT Deal. Plus it looks Badass as Hell. I love this laser, it\'s my New Favorite. Just DO NOT USE IT FOR A TOY WITH ANIMALS PLAY BECAUSE IT WILL BLIND THEM. I REPEAT , DO NOT USE IT TO PLAY WITH THE DOG OR CAT !!!
When I got my laser,it's not so strong.I bought new 16340 batteries and then put them in,Oh,the laser works well again.So bright a light beam!
The burning bule beam laser pointer is powerful enough to light matches,burst balloons and burn through paper.I'll recommend it to my colleagues.
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