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It is very bright but it won\'t burn anything. It also advertises a 4000mAh battery, but mine only came with a 3000mAh one. It is still very fun to use. The battery does not come with a charger.
Product arrived two days early. From just playing around with it on the first day, I have found that it won\'t burn paper, and it will only melt black plastic at a distance of less than 10ft. After inspecting the laser upon first arrival, I also noticed that when it was put together, there is a brown particle (looks like paper of something) squished between the focusing lenses. I am unable to get it out due to it being MADE with it inside of it. (Perhaps the brown paper inside is why it won\'t burn other objects, I am not sure). Overall though, it has a sturdy build and is very bright! Wear eye protection!.
Perfect device, very cheap, light goes hella far, you can even see the trail at night. Batterys not the best so dont forget to buy a charging device.
Unbelievably powerful. Really cool the light is so strong u can see it from very far away! Great product.
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