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The silver appearance is very beautiful. It is also equipped with a bracket for experimentation. It is worth recommending, and the power is also very good. It can be used for several days.
I bought a laser pointer last month and it arrived in perfect condition.I've used it many times.The green light is very bright.Super satisfied!
I'm Jim. I live in Salem, OR. I bought this here 100mw water proof green laser, as a gift. But i tested it first because i was curious how fat the green line was when i pointed in the sky at night. I bought a couple on here before that were rated at 2,000 mw. This one is about 10.00 more and the line it makes is twice as fat/ easy to see. It shoots far, and it is not that dangerous. I pointed it at my hand for 30 sec, i could feel it, but not very. This is a perfectly sane gift/ starter laser. If you want hotter, you got to pay at least 100, I think.
Fast delivery!The service that seller provided is very good!I can't fault this purchase.I will come and buy another type of laser again.
I bought a similar laser pen from other sellers before, but unfortunately it can't work after one month. After listening to my friend's recommendation, I came to laserpointerpro to buy this laser pen. Although I have just started using it for a few days, I feel that the quality is very good and it can be used for a long time.
The red laser pen is very beautiful.I bought it mainly used for a weekly presentation class,and is perfect for screens.Besides,it can be charged via USB,which is very convenient.
Power is very good, very bright, very durable, you can buy.
The purple light is very beautiful, the light is very good, the price is very reasonable, buy directly.
This is my second laser off of this website.?The first laser I got was a 50mw green pen.?Although, I needed more than just 50mw, so I looked into price ranges of higher powered lasers.?This laser is just what I wanted and is a great upgrade.?It feels like a solidly built machine.?Other than the long time it took for it to arrive, around 20 days, this laser is a great deal and a lot of fun.?5 out of 5 stars definitely.

Pointeur laser USB ZQ-J35 100mW 532nm UKing

date ajoutée: 08/03/2018

par: M***a

I don't want to use battery,so I buy usb laser pointer,it was checp and safe.
I purchased this laser pen for my friend who is a tour guide.He use it to point to the objects that need to be explained when taking tourists.A very helpful tool!
Blue, metallic, it seems to give a very strong feeling, although the power is not high, but really bright, I will buy again.
I like this multi-patterns laser pointer, you can have more games, if the price can be cheaper just fine!
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