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This 10mw laser pen was bought to amuse my lovely cat.Green light is very bright,the cat likes to play with it very much,hope it would be durable.
It looks very textured and has a lot of power. I like it very much.
Item was delivered quickly,and it arrived in perfect condition.I used it yesterday.A happy online shopping experience!
I don't like the kind of straight line laser, so I chose this, very beautiful pattern, very satisfied with a shopping.
I bought this laser pen last month and I feel it is easy to use. Last week I bought 10 more customers who are going to give it to me. Very enjoyable shopping experience.
awesome product. As described in the description, working condition.
I like this.this laser pointer's light is wonderful.

10mW 532nm Mid-open Green Laser Pointer Pen (avec deux piles AAA)

date ajoutée: 07/11/2018

par: Margaret Jordan

Two years ago,I bought one laser pen from this website,the laser pointer stayed fine until it fell off the table.Thus,I purchased another,it's as good as the first one.A reliable product!

10mW 532nm Mid-open Green Laser Pointer Pen (avec deux piles AAA)

date ajoutée: 06/24/2018

par: Julie Schillinger

My laser pen arrived yesterday,but the supplied batteries were dead,so I had to go out to buy extra batteries and then tested the laser.It is not as bright as I expected.Anyway,it still works fine.
My order just arrived today,after waiting for nearly three weeks.Have tested it with AAA batteries,bright enough,worth for waiting time and money.

Haute précision 10mW LT-R29 rouge laser vue noir

date ajoutée: 12/07/2017

par: karma

Delivery is a little slow.I hope it gets faster next time.Except that,I feel very satisfied with this product.Durable and well-constructed!
I received my 10mw laser yesterday.It came without batteries.So I had to buy new AAA batteries. The purple laser beam is bright,creating a romantic atmosphere in our party.
it's ok, I got this perfect laser pointer, and the price is cheap. Thx.
This is a great laser pointer, feels really solid snd well made, has a very powerful and bright beam.