Pointeur laser 10000mW

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Pointeur laser 10000mW
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10000mW Pointeur Laser Avis
Hi, I received my laser pointer yesterday. To be honest, I don't think its power is as high as it is advertised, but its light intensity and material are definitely worth the price. I will buy it again if I need it.
A good looking one, Gatlin type, I can
I have ever buy many lasers from website, but this laser was truly amazing ,the power is truly,so great ,cool enough!!!
QK-DS6 10000mw 450nm étanche bleu pointeur laser 5 mètres sous l'eau

QK-DS6 10000mw 450nm étanche bleu pointeur laser 5 mètres sous l'eau

date ajoutée: 11/06/2018

par: Haakon Markussen

This is a very lightweight and portable laser pen, I often put it directly in my pocket to take outside to play.
I received my laser pointer last week and I measured the power immediately.Actually,it doesn't reach up to 10W, still super powerful,though.It can light matches quickly and burn the paper.I'm very pleased with this product.
Wow,too high power laser pointer,I Love the light,the style,all the one laser have.
The package was shipped soon after the order was placed.And I received my laser pointer within eight days.It's well-constructed,seems very solid.Personally,when there's danger,you can also use it as a tool against bad guys.
I have a friend who is a fan of laser pointers,he said that ten different laser pointers bought from this seller are of good quality.Thus,i purchased the first laser pointer.It has been put into use for three times,its performance and quality are satisfactory to me.
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