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Nitecore 2150LM EC4S XHP50 Lumière Blanche Lampe de poche LED Noir

Nitecore 2150LM EC4S XHP50 Lumière Blanche Lampe de poche LED Noir

date ajoutée: 01/08/2019

par: Cynthia Green

The object looks better than the description, and the battery is also very durable and worth buying.
The quality of the product is very good, the power of the lamp is also very good, it is easy to work on the head.
A very attractive color, it is very popular, the power is also very good, it is worth buying.
Received the goods, the size is just right, you can carry it with you, and the power is enough, a great shopping.
Very bright LED flashlight!It can be used in emergency..Besides,the price is very reasonable.I am ready to recommend this product to my friend.
The light is very bright, the quality is very good, it has been used several times, the battery is also very durable, charging can be used for a long time, good.
NITECORE 1000LM MH27 XP-L HI V3 Lampe de poche LED forte lumière noire

NITECORE 1000LM MH27 XP-L HI V3 Lampe de poche LED forte lumière noire

date ajoutée: 10/15/2018

par: Blake Petrenchik

This is very practical, at least $100 expensive in the store, it is really cost-effective, you can buy more.
This flashlight was a replacement for one that was stolen several months ago.I work in the maintenance field and this product works great for my needs.Much brighter than my previous light!
I like this flashlight, it looks very resistant, the price is exactly the price I need... Hell, this is a sweet deal.
These flashlights are the way I expect quality above quality. Give my wife one so she can take her bed. She has done everything with it. If you want a good flashlight, this brand of flashlight is worth buying one.
I'm no longer afraid to walk my dog in the dark due to this bright LED flashlight.In addition,it is suitable for camping,emergencies,or just peering into the dark corners of your home.I've used this life necessity several times.I hope it will be durable.
I received this flashlight a month ago. Due to work requirements, I use it almost every day. It still works well and the quality is very good
Actually,I use this LED flashlight not very often,but when I do I really love it.It has lots of features,without being complicated to use,which is a necessary tool for emergency situations.I couldn't be happier with my purchase.
This is the best and brightest flashlight ive ever owned! It has long life and several different modes for the light. i use it on my bike when i ride at night and it lights up everything! Definitely worth buying!
I feel so happy,it just use 7 days delivered and the auality is very good.This is a very happy shopping!
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