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This tiny mini laser pen was bought to entertain my puppy.He likes running after the green light. And this laser pen comes with a key chain,so I can hang it anywhere I want,which is very convenient.
This laser pen is very durable, I have been using it for 2 months, it is used almost every day, and it still works very well. I recommended it to all the people I think I need a laser pointer.

Stylo pointeur laser vert ouvert 30mW 532nm

date ajoutée: 11/19/2018

par: B***n

I bought this small laser pen mainly to amuse my cat.It has a key chain and is easy to carry.
I bought these 15 year old sons and he really likes them. Oh, our cat likes to catch it up when my son plays with her cat.
Bought it and received in decent time. Laser looks very awesome. It is very bright. Very Good Seller, Exellent Communication. I would buy again from this seller.
Great laser. The most powerful in such a small size, and inexpensive. However, i would gladly pay double if only it would last longer. I have gone through 5 or 6 of these (my dog loves it!), and they always stop working after a couple of months (no, it\\\'s not the battery).

Stylo pointeur laser vert ouvert 30mW 532nm

date ajoutée: 12/01/2017

par: D***o

Love the delicate small box,lol.I play the laser pen with my lovely dog.He loves running around chasing after the bright green light.
I bought the mini laser for my cats.I thought the price was too high at first,but it is worthwhile.I will come and buy another two next month.

Stylo pointeur laser vert ouvert 30mW 532nm

date ajoutée: 11/12/2017

par: I***i

The company is good to deal with as they took care of an issue I had with the original product quite quickly and I appreciate that.The mini laser pen does not have a very long distance you can use it. Only about 4-5 feet to be very effective but it still entertains my kitten.
Mini laser pen,very convenient to carry,just put it in pocket.I was not expecting it to be so bright,it excited me,lol.
Works better than I expected.I bought this laser for my kitten,she loves it very much,a good toy.
A toy for my cute cat.She loves it very much.Bright beam light!But it seems that my cat is more interested in hanging keychain than chasing light.This is a good product,so I give five stars.

Stylo pointeur laser vert ouvert 30mW 532nm

date ajoutée: 09/17/2017

par: C***n

Just purchased this pen-style laser pointer for my job.It is very bright,the size is the same as a pen.It is a perfect tool to use anywhere designed with a keychain.It uses two AAA batteries,which is convenient to change out.I am very happy with this durable laser pen and would recommend it to anyone looking for a good green light laser.
The laser pointer works fine.I am happy both with the product and seller.It is suitable for the type of work that i do outdoors.It is handy to have on pocket for emergency lighting.Highly recommend it.

Stylo pointeur laser vert ouvert 30mW 532nm

date ajoutée: 08/13/2017

par: J***k

I like this kind of laser pointer at the first sight I see it.Pretty desigh,I can bring it wherever I go.
I recently received my laser pen.Cute appearance.I am fond of the keychain very much.
The parcel arrived before my friend's birthday.He likes this laser very much,especially the keychain.
Hi Great items,good prices but slow shipping.It took 16 days to get my order. I will still do business with you but I hope shipping gets faster. Thanks