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Excellent laser and very powerfull beyond my expectations. Value and quality is a-1.
Received the product, its light effect and it advertised on the same, very gorgeous.This price is also much cheaper than the same kind of sellers, it is worth recommending to my friends.
And in terms of shape and quality, the texture of the hand and its 5-in-one light experience are also great.
I received my laser pointer last week and I measured the power immediately.Actually,it doesn't reach up to 10W, still super powerful,though.It can light matches quickly and burn the paper.I'm very pleased with this product.
Last month,I bought this laser pointer recommended by my friend,and it is very powerful indeed.It works great the same as what is shown on video.Unique style and beautiful light modes make me very satisfied.Absolutely got what I paid for!
Very bright LED flashlight!It can be used in emergency..Besides,the price is very reasonable.I am ready to recommend this product to my friend.
I love the laser pointer,and the laser looks powerful,and make me feel exciting.
30000mw 650nm Burning High Power Red Laser pointer kits

30000mw 650nm Burning High Power Red Laser pointer kits

Date Added: 10/10/2018

by: Disciple fan

The appearance of the product looks very strong and makes people feel very expensive. For the first time, I feel that the red laser pointer has such a strong side and is very satisfied.