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I love this thing, seems to be as powerful as it says. My only issue was getting the wrong case stuffing, it was clearly meant for a different product. Also, the advertised price when I ordered was $1,000 at 90% off then 2 days later it's $140 and 29% off. Still, great product, just the button feels a little loose.
Encountered a little problem after received, I told to the customer service, and them reship new laser to me, really good service
I like to use this to play with my cats!
This is a amazing laser TOOL. For me is not just a pointer, is a TOOL. Is super powerful, very long beam, you can burn \"anything\", a matchstick, paper etc etc\r\nIt came with protective glass, 5 funny lens, and the main optical system it could be regulated for precision. Is and super amazing tool.\r\nPD: In the pictures is with 2 batteries, the mine came with only a big one rechargeable 18650 battery and its charger (100-220 volts) with american plug.
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