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A laser of small power (does not light a cigarette) but very bright, intense green color at night, ideal for astronomy (to point to stars or planets), and of a good quality/price ratio
its really nice!! Its the second time i order a laser for laserpointerpro.
I am very happy with the laser, it's better than I expected.
This is a very bright, very well built product.
Excellent customer service. The quality of the product is OK.
perfect laser pointer. The light is so beautiful.
Burning match, bursting balloons. Just powerful!
After having the laser for over a week , I found it to be quite Well made outside coating and machine work is very good. It has a "Fixed Focus", the 5 special tips are really great , even better in a foggy night. Temperature affects the laser a lot , cold nights require it to be held and kept warm to operate, it will get cold in a jacket pocket and go dim .Laser is Very bright , Will burn a hole in black trash bags, and will pop black balloons. Shipping was under 15 days even with problems with stock. Batteries are same as what fits some of the new Vaporizer E-cigs.and are Easy to replace. Would have liked a booklet or instruction pamphlet. All in all way cool ! great Laser !
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