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I ordered 4 of your 200 mw 405 nm blueviolet lasers at $20 bucks apiece. They arrived in 15 days as promised. I was initially worried about quality issues from negative comments I\'ve read, but to the contrary my 4 blue lasers all function perfectly at 200 mw, just as advertised. There each twice as powerful as my $50 dollar 100 mw Rayfoss laser. No one beats Laserpointer pro when it comes to quality and price. You guys kick @ss! Thank you for delivering on your promise. \r\n\r\nDave
I was able to change the focus lens slightly (take apart the threaded diode end, and the lens is threaded on. Un turn it a few turns, and it will focus to ~<1mm beam, and will now burn things including white paper. :-)
Easy to use, strong laser light, worth the price
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