Attaccare Puntatore Lasers

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Attaccare Puntatore Lasers
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Attaccare Puntatore Lasers Recensioni
Overall very good. Love the button, its texture is great, the focus is great, it is a very fine point. When you use the focusing feature. It focuses to about 3 in away from the laser. Can barely see the beam and is definatly not 500 mw. But its probably like an actual 100 mw. Can pop at least 10 balloons 15 to 20 feet away no problem. They were dark red balloons and can lite a match easily. I think that it is a good well rounded laser that can accomplish burning, accurate long distance "shooting" and durable. You can even easily take it apart and adjust the power output just by unscrewing the diode on the battery side part using some needle nose tweezers the get it started, then use a small screw driver to adjust the power, I tested this power before I made any adjustments to it btw. I would definatly buy it again.
450nm laser pointer is exactly what we need in our lab.Blue light is SUPER powerful.Amazing!
Wow,what an amazing laser pointer it is!This is the first time in my life that I have bought a high-power laser pointer.Really got what I paid for.Its high-end appearance,great quality and performance are beyond my expectations.
50000 mw Gatling Burning Green Power Kit puntatore laser verde d'oro

50000 mw Gatling Burning Green Power Kit puntatore laser verde d'oro

Data aggiunta: 12/23/2018

da: M-Joanne Anastacio

This high-power laser pen is very powerful and can quickly ignite fireworks. It's very good, it is recommended to buy.
eceived the goods, it's great, a whole set, you can consider buying more sets to give.
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