400mW Puntatore Lasers
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400mW Puntatore Lasers Recensioni

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Still have not received, ordered end of August paid for expedited 90180125
When I received the goods,the laser pen was placed in a small box,which was well protected.I like such pen-like laser pointer very much.
I bought three laser pens last month,but one of them didn't work when it arrived.The seller has high service efficiency,they sent me a new one immediately.Many thanks!
I received my laser pointer two weeks ago.I've used it three times.Feel happy with its bright light.I'm considering buying another one.
Great product works great it can go 1-2 mile into the sky
The white appearance is really too much like it.And the laser pointer is as bright as described
Just want to say,it was bright and beautiful,also gave me a battery and charger,very thanks.
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