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50mW Puntatore Lasers Recensioni

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It looks very power, and the power is very good, my friends also like it, a great shopping.
Feeling power is particularly good, more than 50mw, haha. love it.
A very beautiful and powerful laser, great value for price!
The selfish light is soft and looks very beautiful. I received the parcel in about 8 days, very quickly.
Hi,I received my laser pen yesterday.To be honest,it's not as bright as my other three green lasers.But it serves its purpose,I use it mainly in PPT presentation.
Wonderful laser pointer, useful when you want to indicate the distance, I highly recommend buying a good product
The pointer came with batteries installed - but luckily the + (towards the rear!) was blocked by a piece of plastic, so it should not get activated during the transport. I would have preferred the batteries OUTSIDE the pointer for obvious reasons.\r\n\r\nNo instruchtions, no markings how the batteries should be placed (minus towards the aperture, plus towards the rear), so once you take the batteries out, remember the direction - and write a + mark into the back cap.\r\n\r\nThe \"gift box\" is essentially a paper box and was almost squashed during the transport. Since you cannot reliably place the pointer in it so that the button cannot be activated unintentionally when preassure is applied to the thin box cover - take the batteries OUT before you place the stick into the box.\r\n\r\nThe beam is BRIGHT and the beam profile is clean and round. Colimation is subpar and it is fixed focus, but hey, it\'s not a scientific tool. You are not goint to do quantum encryption with it.\r\n\r\nIt does the intended job.
Don’t hesitate to buy a laser from the website with a low price and high quality!!!
I have three single-point laser pens.It's the first time that I've had such product.It has more than one light pattern,looking very beautiful and attractive.Loves it very much.
Bought three lasers,but unluckily,one laser was broken when it arrived.The other two works great.The seller gave me a replacement laser immediately.Thanks for your nice service.
Never seen such more beautiful light models!Amazing laser!
I\'ve ordered a total of 8 of this particular laser over the last few years, and they work great great. This design is sturdier than the all-black case version, so I recommend this model.
So nice laser,use it to chair the meeting is really good. small also can carry.
My laser pointer arrived in time for my presentation.It works great.However,the battery is not very durable,so I had to buy some spare.Overall,it's worthwhile in terms for this price and quality.
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