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Don't be too big or too small, it's easy to adjust, not only has a battery and a charger, it's great.
This headlamp works great as described and it is really bright.It plays a big role in the daily night patrol.
3 * T6 5000lm 4-Mode Single LED Lampada frontale nera

3 * T6 5000lm 4-Mode Single LED Lampada frontale nera

Data aggiunta: 11/08/2018

da: C***r

I used it when I bought it for an camping. It is still OK. It will be bright and will be bought again.
Great headlight. Great price. Trustworthy brand. Let my two hands work for free during the dark and misc cars and do housework. It will also be used for camping.
Great headlamp! Super bright! I like that it comes with everything I need - batteries included.Also,it's comfortable to wear and easy to take off.A useful lighting option!
Really love it.Good things that I'm crazy about it increasingly.The beam is beautiful and amazing,especially in the night sky.In addition,the service is service.
Good headlamp for working in areas where you need both light and your hands.Very bright,super-high quality product.
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