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Wow,so great laser.My friends also like this laser,I want buy some different style laser.
I purchased this for an extra bright night pointer for astronomy outreach.\r\nWhen it arrived, the battery which is around 4000-4500 mAh was defective. Oh well, shopping online, I upgraded to a 6000mAh for very little cash. I tested this laser with the fully charged new battery and at 4 inches, it was smoking black electrical tape, but after 15-20 seconds, didn\'t burn through. I next tried a shopping receipt, it started to make a black mark after a bit, no burn through. I tried a match at 2-3 inches but it would not ignite. I think for that you need a 5000mw laser but for what I am doing, it is extremely bright and I am very happy. Good construction, turn the locking key while gently wiggling it.
I've never had such a better laser in the last years.Good product!One of my friends also wants to order from this company.
As is described in the website,this 1000mw high-powered laser pointer can generates a very strong bright beam light.It can be used to light matches,cigaretes.A fantastic product!You deserve it!
Excellent product, and at a very reasonable price. It does burn! Will buy more
This pointer the best on the market, I love product and recommend it to anyone.
I got what I paid for. It seems very powerful and works as described Nice and Bright. Would Buy Again!
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